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Instant Passive System

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Launching On 21st of January 2020 10am EST




What is Instant Passive System?

Instant Passive System is a method that I’ve been using in the past year to make money online.  And that is providing traffic as a solo ad seller.
Providing traffic is high demand right now, and where there is demand there is money to be made.

This method is something New and Unique why?

Because usually as a solo ad seller you need to pay for high end coaching services to learn the skills for this method. Also you need to invest thousands to build your own list, before you can start selling. Not to mention risks involve.

So I have come with an awesome solution. I will teach your customers how to use this method with a great twist.

Instead of paying for high ticket coaching to learn the skill set and invest thousands of dollars up front,  I will show your customers how to sell traffic without having to pay for upfront.

That’s right, there’s no risk, no tech skills, no paying for high ticket coaching.


The Solution is to become a Reseller.

Believe it or not there are few in the solo ad industry are using the “Re seller Method” You just source the traffic and sell the traffic for higher price.

The people who know this method don’t want others to know!  So for the first time, I’m revealing this method to the public.

Your customers will thank you because they will be able to become a traffic reseller, without any risk, up front costs, and no one will know the difference!

This is a great method and I’m already getting rave reviews about the course.

Contact Mark Wightley JV Manager or Anthony Rousek Product Creator if you need anything


Product: Instant Passive System
Launch date: 21 Jan 20
Launch time: 10:00 EST
Price: 7-10
Commission: 100%
Affiliate Network: WarriorPlus
Niche: Affiliate Marketing
Vendor: Anthony Rousek et al