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SegMate PRO 2000

We have an unbelievable funnel for you here! This system was only offered on private webinars circuit. Until now we are launching this with tons of users and results. Over 23 Months in Development. I believe you will find SegMate to be the most intensive messenger marketing software on the planet. We have only focused on being incredible at one thing and that is messenger marketing.

Longterm we will do right for your customers. We already have a ton of raving fans…

https://segmateapp.com you can check out our huge list of features and benefits.

You can earn lifetime renewals on all active users. Everything is based on user base numbers with unlimited fan pages and active bots.

Offering an LTD with all the pro features in the frontend. The rest will be released soon.

Product: SegMate 2000
Launch date: 16 Mar 20
Launch time: 11:00 EDT
Price: 59
Commission: 50%
Affiliate Network: PayKickstart
Niche: Software
Vendor: Karl SharK