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[ Launch Date February 10th at 11am EST – February 13th. ]

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You’ve heard it, right?  Facebook advertising has changed everything making it harder and more expensive for marketers….

I call BS.  In fact, advertising on FB Today … Is easier than ever before…

Whether your list is brand-spankin’-new or seasoned veteran wanting to scale with Paid-Ads!

Leverage The ‘Power of The Crowd’ to Unleash Your Marketing Machine…

You remember growing up… and how you looked up to your older siblings… or maybe you wanted to be like the leader of your high-school ball club… in fact everyone wanted to be like them.

The “In-Crowd” is a powerful thing as kids… but, it’s something most never grow out of.

As adults, whether in politics, business, or socially… the ‘Power of the Crowd’ influences us just as strong as peer pressure as a teenager.

The idea remains the same – whether intentionally or subliminally, we’re influenced by what “appears” to be HOT, IN, POPULAR… or the “right thing to do”.

I know, this can often be a recipe for disaster… BUT…


And Your List Can Finally Get Consistent Results with paid-ads on a shoe-string-budget.


Here’s how it works.  You’ve browsed the fan/business pages on Facebook, correct?  And you’ve seen those posts with little to no activity (Likes, Comments, Shares), right?

Now wouldn’t you agree, the lack of activity on those posts could influence a potential prospect to ACT or, better yet, to NOT ACT on the business owner’s offering?

It’s easy to understand that, whether real or perceived, lots of engagement on a post or ad starts the engine for more activity… whether that ‘activity’ is  more reactions to the post, more clicks, more leads, or even more sales.

Ok, so I’ve found a loophole of sorts.  But unlike other ‘loopholes’, this one is bonafide, ethical, legal, and totally Fair-Game for marketing consultants to use the hell out of!

Here Are The Simple Steps
  • Set Up Phase 1:  An Engagement Attracting Ad that drives likes, reactions, shares for  less than pennies
  • Adjust to Phase 2:  Make one simple TWEAK to attract more engagements from local prospects interested in the offering
  • Sit Back in Phase 3:  Kick up your feet and let Facebook optimize your marketing machine to eventually go VIRAL!
PRICING: [FE & OTO- Products]

Front End: $17 @ 50% Commission (Early Bird first day, then going on dimesale)

OTO (upsell) commission = 50%
OTO (downsell) commission = 50%

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Product: Social Stir
Launch date: 10 Feb 20
Launch time: 11:00 EST
Price: 17
Commission: 50%
Affiliate Network: WarriorPlus
Niche: Offline
Vendor: Mike Paul